FAQ’s (Client)

Does it cost me anything to sign-up and book a service?

NEVER!! Our Clients are the most important people in the World!! Start searching for your perfect Service Provider or Service Team immediately, no account needed. If you like what you see, and want to hire one of our Service Providers or Service Teams, open an account for FREE and hire away. We worked very hard to make things simple, fast and affordable for our Clients.

Who decides which Service Provider or Service Team provides my service?

YOU DO! … of course. Who would know better than you what type of person, price and skill level you desire. You type what service you want, when and where you want it, and we show you a complete list of all available Service Providers or Service Teams providing that service in your area. You can then examine their very informative resume’ and video pages, then choose whom you feel is the best person for the job.

How do I pay for the work I ordered?

We will accept your payment through your valid credit card account or checking account through ACH transfers. All payments will be made through your E-ZHIRE account, whereas you will never pay the Service Provider or Service Team directly for services provided.

When will I be charged for the work performed?

After your work order has been fulfilled for that service day, we will send you an email invoice showing you the hours worked and amount being charged. You will have 2 days to review the bill, pay with an alternate payment method, or do nothing, and we will simply charge your default payment account. Of course, if you don’t think the hours stated are correct, we provide you a means of our calculations, and we promise we will work together to get it right.

What if I am unhappy with the service being provided?

Though it is certainly a rare occurrence, occasionally an Service Provider or Service Team just isn’t performing to your standards. Our Service Providers or Service Teams come in all shapes and sizes, bringing with them varying skill-sets and experience. YOU know what’s best for you, because you are the person with the money. If it is the first time using an Service Provider or Service Team, we highly recommend monitoring their performance. If their performance is below your expected standards, politely ask them to correct your concerns and start performing the service the way you want them too. If they continue to displease you at any time during the project, explain to them their services will no longer be needed, and send them on their way. Their time will stop as soon as you dismiss them. Then make sure you fill out the “Review” to let us know your feelings, so we can work with that Service Provider or Service Team to make them better at what they do.

How does my hired Service Provider or Service Team get paid?

You pay E-ZHIRE, then we pay our Service Provider or Service Team for that work shortly thereafter.

Do Service Providers or Service Teams pay their necessary Employment Taxes?

YES! Because our Service Providers are considered Independent Service Providers, performing labor on the Client’s behalf, we require that prior to E-ZHire issuing payments to Service Providers for their services, that we deduct Self Employment back-up withholding  from their pay. We send their back-up withholding directly to the IRS to be credited to their account. At Year’s end, we issue Service Providers and the IRS a form 1099-misc, detailing their income and the total back-up withholding retained.  The back-up withholding is an estimate, whereas the actual tax owed may be more or less depending on the individuals tax return filed, where the difference will be paid to or returned by the IRS.  This process insures the Client, the Service Provider and E-ZHire are all in reasonable compliance with the Tax Man.

What do you do with the information I provide when signing up?

All of your private and personal information is encrypted and stored securely. Any payment information is processed using an SSL encrypted, PCI-compliant system.  These are the high standards required by the banking industry.  This information will NEVER be sold, viewed, or used by any outside entity. Also, we will not allow Governmental Agencies to access our data files unless they have a legal valid warrant, specifically detailing the person and information requested.  Your privacy is one of our top priorities.

How does E-ZHire make money?

E-ZHire has an agreement with the Users of our site to facilitate the marketing, Client/Service Provider connection, work order processing, time tracking, and payment processing between the Client and Service Provider of each transaction. For this, E-ZHire receives a percentage fee of each service sale, which is paid from the total paid amount of the work order. You, the Client, will never see additional fees added to the hourly price quoted for that Service Provider’s services.

How does E-ZHire know how long the Service Provider was working on my project?

Each Service Provider or Service Team is required to use a Time-tracking and GPS location stamp software application installed on their smartphone. When the Service Provider or Service Team arrives at the service address, they will log their start-time, and the Time-tracking system will also log their GPS location address. E-ZHire will know who, what, when and where our Service Providers or Service Teams are during the course of your project. Upon job completion, the Service Provider or Service Team will log-out, and the System will tag their log-off time with the GPS location, ensuring the correct hours worked will be billed.

Can I cancel my service order once I book it?

Certainly, up to one hour before your scheduled appointment. Just log into your account and select the Work Order from the Work Order List. From the open Work Order, you will be able to cancel the day(s) as needed. You will also be able to leave a message to the Service Provider or Service Team if you desire.

If I don’t like my Service Provider or Service Team, can I dismiss them early?

Absolutely! Their time will stop as soon as they are dismissed. You deserve an Service Provider or Service Team that YOU like …….. period. So dismiss that Service Provider or Service Team, then go search again, and find a better Service Provider or Service Team that will match perfectly with your project and expectations.

Who works for Whom?

You, the Client, are an independent purchaser of labor performed on an hourly basis by an independent Service Provider or Service Team contracted to perform labor on an hourly basis. Both parties are free to work together or part ways at any time during the transaction according to their free will. The time clocked during the active transaction will be charged and paid. E-ZHire facilitates the marketing, booking and payment process of this transaction for both independent parties.

How do I book a Service?

Go to “Service Menu” above, select a Service Type, enter your desired date and time, select Search, and we will list all the available Service Providers and Service Teams offering your Service Type in your Service Area. It’s that simple.

How many hours should I book?

Some Service Types are simple to calculate, and others are not. We ask you to use your best judgment and be fair. Don’t over schedule the hours needed because you want to be safe. This is not fair to the Service Provider or Service Team, because that extra time will be booked on their schedule, therefore not available for other Clients to book. Please know that you will only be charged for the amount of time the service is performed (one hour minimum). Also, not only do you have the ability to review Service Providers or Service Teams, but Service Providers or Service Teams have the ability to review you. If you consistently overbook time needed, then that will be noted, and Service Providers and Service Teams may decline your future projects due to this behavior. Just do your best and be fair, we trust you.

How do I request Recurring Service?

You may request Recurring Service on the Service Availability Search page by selecting “I need Recurring Service”. If it is a new Service Provider or Service Team that you have not yet hired, we recommend that you first book one service appointment with that Service Provider or Service Team. If you are happy with their service, then re-search with “Recurring” option.

What happens after I book a Service?

We will notify your Service Provider or Service Team that you placed an order, and log the day(s) and times into their work calendar. You will also be sent a reminder the day before your scheduled service. You may review your work orders anytime by logging into your account, where you can message your Associate or cancel the order if desired.

When can I expect my Service Provider or Service Team to arrive?

Service Providers or Service Teams are encouraged to arrive 5 minutes early to their scheduled appointment time. If they are running late, they are encouraged to contact you to discuss.

Are Service Providers or Service Teams insured?

Independent Service Providers are responsible for any work related injuries to their persons while performing the service.  Service Providers may purchase worker’s compensation insurance for themselves, but it is not required, so most do not.

Are Background Checks conducted on Service Providers or Service Teams?

Yes! We run a National Background Check on all Service Providers or Service Teams ages 18 and older.  Generally, if the report returns a Felony or Sex Crime violation, they will not be allowed to use our website to become a Service Provider or Service Team.  Please refer to the Terms of Use for details.

Will my payments be secure?

YES!  E-ZHire processes all financial transaction through industry-leading payment technology and services, using a SSL encrypted, PCI-compliant system.  This is the same technology banks use to secure your financial information.

What should I do if my Service Provider or Service Team is late or doesn’t show at all?

Our Service Providers or Service Teams are generally very responsible and professional, but on occasion, they will show up late or not at all. We instruct our Service Providers and Service Teams to please contact you to inform you that they will be late or absent, so then you, the Client, can determine if you still need their services. What ever your decision is at that point, if you are displeased with the performance of the Service Provider or Service Team, we ask that you take the time to “Review” the them, and make sure you mention the Service Provider’s or Service Team’s inability to be on time. This Review information is monitored by E-ZHire, and will be addressed accordingly.

What should I do if my Service Provider or Service Team needs more time than I booked to complete the job?

Under-booking the time needed does happen on occasion. If the Service Provider or Service Team does not have another appointment scheduled, and you want them to continue until the project is completed, they will simply stay until completed. The time will stop upon their completion. If the Service Provider or Service Team can not stay over the allotted time, then speak with them to see when they can come back to complete, they will then stop the time-clock, but won’t close out your work order until they have completed the work. Or, just book another appointment for its completion.

What should I do if something is damaged?

Occasionally an Service Provider or Service Team may accidently cause damage to your property while performing a service. If this happens, please inform the Service Provider immediately, take pictures of the damage, and see if the two of you can reach some polite understanding of what happened and how to resolve the matter. Because the Service Provider or Service Team is an Independent Service Provider, E-ZHire will not take responsibility for damage, but will be happy to mediate between you and Service Provider to facilitate an amicable agreement if possible. Regardless of outcome, we would like you to please “Review” the them with comments addressing the damage. This Review information is monitored by the E-ZHire, and will be addressed accordingly.

What should I do if something is missing?

We can say that to date, we have not received a single complaint that a Service Provider or Service Team has committed any theft from a Client. But in the unlikely event that you feel your Service Provider or Service Team may have caused an item to be missing, we suggest that you first politely ask the them about the missing item. It may have simply been moved from its normal location during service. If you have reasonable cause to believe your Service Provider or Service Team stole something from you or your dwelling, or committed any other type of crime, we strongly encourage you to notify the local police in your area and file a complaint. Regardless of the outcome, we would like you to please “Review” the Service Provider or Service Team with comments addressing the missing item. This Review information is monitored by E-ZHire, and will be addressed accordingly.