• Offer Up To 10 Services

  • Set Your Own Hourly Rate

  • Work When & Where You Want

We Want You On Our Team Today!

We want you as a Team Member even if you have another job or go to school, because you can always adjust your E-ZHire schedule to work around your life's schedule.   Schedule as many days or hours as you like.


You Register & Create Your Profile
     Make A Team If You Like
          Tell Us What Services You Want To Provide
               Tell Us When You Want To Work
                    Tell Us Where You Want to Work
Client Searches For A Service Online
                                                 In The Zip Code They Want
                                                      For A Day & Time They Prefer
                                                          We Display A List Of Service Providers
                                                             Client Reviews Provider Profiles
                                                                 Clicks & Hires The One They Choose
You Arrive At Their Home Or Office
                                                                                    Start Your Time On Your Smart Phone
                                                                                         Perform Your Service
                                                                                            Stop Your Time On Your Smart Phone
                                                                                                  Get Paid In A Few Days


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Does it cost me anything to sign-up as a E-ZHire Service Provider?

NO!  It will take about 2 minutes of your time to fill out the New Service Provider Registration form to create your account. Your account will be in “Pending” status until you complete your account setup and pass a National Background Check (no felony or sex crime record). For setup, you will need to enter some additional information, such as the service(s) you want to provide, your hourly rate(s), and the days and hours you are available to work.  This whole process can take as little as 10-15 minutes.

How old do I have to be to become an Service Provider?

You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age to become an Service Provider or create Service Team. Also, if you are under the age of 18 years, you will be required to have permission from your Parents or Legal Guardian to become an Service Provider or Service Team.

How many Service Types can I offer on my Account?

You can offer up to 10 Individual Service Types, and create up to 5 Service Teams with other registered Service Providers.

Do I need a Driver’s License and Car?

No, you are not required to have a Driver’s License or own a car, but frankly, you may face many challenges in satisfying your Client without them. Some younger Service Providers will limit their Service Area to their neighborhood, allowing them to walk or ride their bike to the Project. Our concern is that you arrive at the Projects on time. Habitual Tardiness may be cause for Service Provider Termination of Use.

Do I need a Social Security or ITIN number?


Are Background Checks conducted on Service Providers or Service Team Members?

Yes! We run a National Background Check on all Service Providers or Service Teams ages 18 and older.  Generally, if the report returns a Felony or Sex Crime violation, they will not be allowed to use our website to become a Service Provider or Service Team.  Please refer to the Terms of Use for details.

How much can I charge for my Services?

As much as you feel you are worth per hour. You are the Master of Your Domain. Of course, if your competing Service Provider’s skill level is equal to yours and their pricing is less, good chance they will be getting the job over you. Remember, when the Client searches for a service, all Service Provider or Service Team’s offering that service in Client’s service area will be listed. So what are you worth per hour …. $5, $25, $45 … $150, its completely your call. If you’re not sure, we can offer you some practical guidelines.

Who decides what hours and days I work?

YOU DO!  How should we know when you feel like working? In your Account, you will enter what days and what times you are available. That could be 7 days a week / 24 hours a day, or 1 day per week / 2 hours that day. You can change your Availability Schedule at any time to meet your life requirements. Of course, the more time you are available, the more Projects you will most likely be offered.

Who decides which Service Provider or Service Team will provide the Client their service?

The Client Does! … of course. Unlike other “so called” service providers who decide for the Client who to hire, we arrogantly believe that the CLIENT knows who would be best for their project. Wow ….. there’s an old fashioned idea, letting the Client make their own choices in life. It’s their money, they should be able to hire who they want. The Client tells us what service they need, when and where, and we show them a complete list of all available Service Providers or Service Teams providing that service in their area. They can then examine the available Service Providers’ or Service Teams’ marketing pages, and choose whom they feel is the best Provide for the job. You will most likely get the job if you have the proper skills they desire, at the time they want, and at the best price.

Do I have to accept every Project when offered?

No! But this should be very rare, because you already told us you were available to work on that day and during those hours, nevertheless, we understand that sometimes “things” happen. When a Client offers you a project, it will be automatically booked into your work calendar, and we will notify you of a new work order. If after you review the work order you don’t feel comfortable accepting the work, then you may “Cancel” the order and politely message your Client why you needed to cancel the work order. Keep in mind that we will be notified each time you “Cancel” a Project to determine if such cancelations become habitual, affecting our Client’s satisfaction. In that case, your Mentor will work with you to better establish your availability schedule to limit such declines. Habitual Declines may be cause for Service Provider or Service Team Termination of Use.

How does the Client pay for the work I Perform?

We only accept payment through a Client’s valid credit card or checking account. All payments will be made through the Client’s E-ZHire account, so relax, all the Client collections will be conducted by our capable Accounting staff.

When will the Client be charged for the work performed?

After you have completed the work, you will review your hours logged to their work order and approve or adjust as necessary. Then we will send them an email invoice showing them the hours worked and amount being charged.  The Client may then pay or dispute the invoice in three days.  If they do nothing, we will charge their default payment account for the work performed.

What if the Client is unhappy with the service I provided?

That’s simple, we instruct the Client to keep a close eye on you and your performance if it is the first time they have used your services. If they are unhappy with the job you are doing, they will first ask you to adjust your performance. If after that they are still unhappy, we suggest the Client politely explain that your service are no longer needed. At which time you should politely thank them for the opportunity, log your time to stop, gather your things and leave with a smile. Remember, the Client will still be writing your performance review for future clients to see; so remaining polite and
professional will soften their response.

How do I get paid?

E-ZHire will pay you through direct deposit to your bank account or debit card, for the work you performed. Being you are classified as an Independent Service Provider for IRS purposes, prior to paying you, we will first deduct Self-employment taxes (14.2%) from your Gross pay as calculated in your service type set-up. At year’s end, we will send you an IRS 1099-misc. form showing your income for the year and all the back-up tax withheld, so you can incorporate that into your personal tax returns. Also deducted from your Gross Pay will be the fee E-ZHire charges (15%) for facilitating the transaction, providing marketing, coordinating the work order, and transaction accounting services. All Service Providers and Service Teams are deducted the same percentage regardless of the Service Type or established rate, so hourly pricing remains competitive, eliminating any advantages or discriminations.  Your pay will generally be deposited into your account within 7 days from the day you performed each service.

How are Teams paid?

If you establish a Team under your Account, each Team Member will be required to also have an individual Service Provider Account. They will create a Team Service Type and establish their own rate for that Team. Each Team Member will be paid individually and directly by E-ZHire according to the hourly rate they established for that Team. If the Team is established under your Account, you will be the Administrator of that Team, and can see each of the Team Member’s rates, and can terminate any Team Member from your Team at any time. The hourly rate the Client sees for the Team on their search results will be the combined individual rates of each active Team Member.

Do Service Provider’s pay necessary Self-Employment Taxes?

YES! Because our Service Providers are considered Independent Service Providers, performing labor on the Client’s behalf, we require that prior to E-ZHire issuing payments to Service Providers for their services, that we deduct Self Employment back-up withholding  from their pay. We send their back-up withholding directly to the IRS to be credited to their account. At Year’s end, we issue Service Providers and the IRS a form 1099-misc, detailing their income and the total back-up withholding retained.  The back-up withholding is an estimate, whereas the actual tax owed may be more or less depending on the individuals tax return filed, where the difference will be paid to or returned by the IRS.  This process insures the Client, the Service Provider and E-ZHire are all in reasonable compliance with the Tax Man.

What do you do with the information I provide when signing up?

All of your private and personal information is encrypted and stored securely. Any payment information is processed using an SSL encrypted, PCI-compliant system.  These are the high standards required by the banking industry.  This information will NEVER be sold, viewed, or used by any outside entity. Also, we will not allow Governmental Agencies to access our data files unless they have a legal valid warrant, specifically detailing the person and information requested.  Your privacy is one of our top priorities.

How does E-ZHire make money?

E-ZHire has an agreement with the Users of our site to facilitate the marketing, Client/Service Provider connection, work order processing, time tracking, and payment processing between the Client and Service Provider of each transaction. For this, E-ZHire receives a percentage fee (currently 15%) paid from the total paid amount of the work order. Each Service Provider is charged the same percentage, so nobody has a pricing advantage over the other.

How does E-ZHire know how long I was working on a project?

Each Service Provider is required to own a smart phone or similar devise. Each Associate is required to use a web-based or app provided by us for Time and GPS location tracking through their smartphone. When the Service Provider or Service Team arrives at the service address, they will log their start-time, and the Time-tracking system will also log their GPS location address. E-ZHire will record who, what, when and where our Associates are during the course of the project. Upon job completion, the Service Provider or Service Team will log-out, and the System will tag their log-off time with the GPS location, ensuring the correct hours worked will be billed.  The Service Provider or Service Team will have an opportunity to review the times logged for any errors prior to billing Client. This software will NOT track the Service Provider or Service Team’s location outside of the Work Order time-logging ….. that’s nobodies business, and your privacy is extremely important to us.

Who works for Whom?

The Client is an independent purchaser of labor performed on an hourly basis by an independent Associate (you) contracted to perform labor on an hourly basis. Both parties are free to work together or part ways at any time during the transaction according to their free will. The time clocked during the active transaction will be charged and paid. E-ZHire facilitates the marketing, booking and payment process of this transaction for both independent parties.

How will I know when I am requested for a Project?

Our Computer System will notify you via text and email. You will then login to your account for exact details.

When should I, or my Team, arrive on a Project?

Service Providers or Service Teams are encouraged to arrive at least 5 minutes early to their scheduled appointment time. If it is your first time performing a service for a Client, then 10 minutes early. If you are running late, you need to contact the Client to discuss.

Are Service Providers or Service Teams insured?

E-ZHire and Clients provide NO insurance of any kind to Service Provider or Service Team, nor are they required. You are an Independent Service Provider, so if you like, you may provide your own insurance if desired.  Some insurance types that might be considered are General Liability, Worker’s Composition, Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance. As an Independent Service Provider, you will be solely, physically and financially responsible for any accidents or injuries while performing your services.

Will my payments be secure?

YES!  E-ZHire processes all financial transaction through industry-leading payment technology and services, using a SSL encrypted, PCI-compliant system.  This is the same technology banks use to secure your financial information.

What should I do if I need more time than was booked to complete the job?

Under-booking of time needed does happen on occasion. If the Service Provider does not have another appointment scheduled, and the Client wants them to continue until the project is completed, you will simply stay until completed. The time will stop upon your completion. If the Service Provider cannot stay over the allotted time, then speak with the Client to see when you may come back to complete the Project. Then stop the time-clock, but don’t close out your work order until you have returned and completed the work. Or, close the Project and have the Client book another appointment.

What should I do if something is damaged?

Occasionally, an Service Provider my accidently cause damage to a Client’s property while performing a service. If this happens, please inform the Client immediately, take pictures of the damage, and see if the two of you can reach some polite understanding of what happened and how to resolve the matter. Because the Service Provider is an Independent Service Provider, E-ZHire will not take responsibility for damage, but will be happy to mediate between you and Client to facilitate an amicable agreement if possible. Regardless of outcome, we ask the Client to please “Review” the Service Provider with comments addressing the damage. This Review information is monitored by E-ZHire, and will be addressed accordingly.

What should I do if a Client says something is missing?

If the Client sees something is missing, we ask that they politely ask the Service Provider about the missing item. If they have reasonable cause to believe the Service Provider stole something from them or their dwelling, or committed any other type of crime, we strongly encourage the Client to notify the police in their area and file a complaint. Regardless of the outcome, we ask the Client to please “Review” the Service Provider with comments addressing the missing item. This Review information is monitored by E-ZHire, and will be addressed accordingly.